La Mia Fiaba

Hand-crafted jewelry inspired by Italian designs that is versatile for any occasion and everyday wear. I specialize in making fun necklaces, bracelets and earrings that can be worn in different ways . My pieces are dedicated to women who care about quality and unique designs. I craft all my jewelry at my in-home studio with care for each piece. Find out more about La Mia Fiaba here!

About Rosana

Welcome to La Mia Fiaba by Rosana!

My name is Rosana and I currently live in Indianapolis. Most of my life I had lived in Italy, in the wonderful city of Florence, where my entire work career was spent in the fashion industry. When I moved to Indy, I wanted so much to continue my fashion career. I have self-taught myself how to make this Italian-inspired jewelry with care and concern for the quality of each piece.

Style & Quality

When I design my jewelry, my challenge is to create pieces that are unique, feminine and versatile but most of all fun! I spend hours studying colors and designs. I work in my home studio and I do most of my handcrafting with raw stones and natural materials such as: semi precious stones, pearls, leather, cotton,  crochets and crystals. La Mia Fiaba jewelry is versatile because most of my pieces has double or triple uses... A necklace can become a bracelet and necklace can be wear and 3 totally different look. Also I care that most of my pieces  can be worn with a t–shirt and jeans, a suit at the office or even with a cocktail dress and heels. Anyone can feel special with a La Mia Fiaba piece of jewelry! 

Custom orders and requests are welcomed at my shop. I am able to change the color of a piece or the length as long as I am notified upon ordering.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thanks for your visit!